Dune Recycled Australian Hardwood MAL - 1200mm


Image of Dune Recycled Australian Hardwood MAL - 1200mm

"NEW" to Dune Sand & Skate
1200mm West Australian Jarrah & Spotted Gum 1960's styled Longboard.

Our cruisers are individually hand shaped out of select recycled Australian hardwoods, each having their own unique backstory.
Each board is made with pride using quality timber, glues and hardware. All of our boards are sturdy enough for both grom's and adults to ride.


Jarrah & Spotted Gum
Blonde stringers are Tassie Oak
Nose & Tail Blocks - Jarrah & Spotted Gum

Front Trucks - Gullwing Sidewinder II Double king pin.
Rear Trucks - Gullwing Stalker 50 Deg reversed kingpin

Risen &0mm 82a

Trinity distribution Abec 7

Nose and tail blocks are available for $40 ask for images or view at


Please note

Due to their handcrafted nature and varying wood grains, no two boards are the same.
Each batch of boards is different due to what timbers are available at that time.
Please know that the boards in the image are for sale elsewhere and may not be the boards available upon placement of your order.
Current images will be sent for your choosing at time of order or custom boards will be made to suit.